5 things I love about being the single parent of a 3.5 year old.


  1. The mind changing. SUCH an important skill. And it’s comic relief at the same time. For example…3.5yo: Please may I have a glass of milk mama? me: Sure. (Hands over a glass of milk) 3.5yo: I DON’T WANT MILK MAMA!!!!!! me: (raises eyebrows) Can’t help but laugh inside. I hope he stays flexible about his opinions and desires as he learns more about the world. (Not going to lie, this drives me nuts sometimes, too. But a good milestone overall).
  2. All the positive feedback. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from others about my child. In particular I keep hearing about his level of gratitude toward everyone. It is off the hook these days – it’s almost an SNL skit about gratitude! It is very reassuring as we weather the more difficult parts of this age.
  3. More mentors / fewer books. I’m so glad to have gotten to a stage in my parenting journey where I’m feeling less like I need to deeply research every parenting topic  and more like I can get comfort from looking to a few friends who have been through the age or stage. And knowing that this too shall pass (the bad and the good – sob!)
  4. Incredibly accurate memory. I’m regularly blown away by my child’s capacity to remember things. His spatial memory and memory for people and events is kind of shocking. He reminds me of such great memories that I would have completely forgotten about. Little brain trust over here!
  5. The conversations. I think this makes the list every time but I can’t help it. Lately it’s more obscure body parts and how they work, how babies are made, why guns are not toys, how different families do things differently, death/”passing away,” and clearer versions of his own origin story. Good times. I thoroughly enjoy this.

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