Intentions / September version


Eating / So much fruit. It is cheap and plentiful and beautiful.

Drinking / Red wine lately. It’s been those kind of days – both celebratory and revelatory.

Practicing / Six punches. Getting more and more into boxing.

Thinking / Only as far as tomorrow. We are currently on a two week road trip – our third big road-trip in our family’s history. One per year! Pretty proud of that.

Learning / Kind people are out there.

Trying / These dishwasher tablets. So far so good. (p.s. I could write poems about my dishwasher I love it so much).

Playing / Animal friends who help each other. I love my kid’s sweet imagination.

Loving / How funny my friends are.

Reading, me / Your 3-Year-Old, Friend or Enemy. And, Ramblers.

Reading, toddler / We will never get enough of this Richard Scarry book. This book has been looked at over and over again for at least 100 hours. It’s amazing.

Remembering / Nothing. I’m dropping emails, texts and plans like it’s my job. My brain is overloaded.

Anticipating / A first date. Yep, I said it.

Cooking / Up new business ideas.

Working / In a quaint little town near my city. Feels like a mini-getaway when I go there.


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