Weather watching.


Single parents are stuck inside the home at night pretty much every night. Unless you can frequently afford a sitter, or are lucky to have an awesome roommate, after your kid is in bed there is no quick run to the store for a loaf of bread, no pint at the neighborhood bar, no evening run, no smuggling your own snacks into the movie theater. After my child was born it took me a while to adjust to this. I was a night owl before and had plans almost every night of the week. I eventually built up a tolerance to this cabin feverish loneliness and I use this time wisely. Yoga, reading through giant stacks of books, bubble baths, starting businesses, achieving inbox-zero, and some good old fashioned staring at the ceiling and thinking through any kind of life problem backward forward and sideways. But almost always conscious that had I a choice – I definitely would not be inside every night after 6pm.

But when it rains? It’s the best. I’m cozy inside, rain is running down the windows and I feel like I’m actually exactly where I want to be. And rain is in the forecast all weekend. So after my kid and I go for a walk in the rain after dinner tonight, here is what I’m looking forward to:

Lighting my salt lamp.

And this cedar/spruce/rosemary candle.

Putting a kettle on for this tea.

Misting my pillows with some Dream Weaver spray.

And alternating between reading Blankets and watching Luke Cage.

Nowhere else I want to be!


Intentions / October version


A little late on this October version, but sticking with my commitment to do this every month for a year! Just three more months left after this one and I will have done this fun little meditation for a whole year…

Eating / Apples, pears and winter squash.

Drinking / Water, water, water, water, more water. The weather has been extra drying lately.

Practicing / More minimalism. Or as a friend said to me the other day: “You are definitely not a hoarder.”

Thinking / About framing social justice topics for kids of different ages/stages. We just joined up with a group planning a series of Black Lives Matter events for families and the conversations are mind bending.

Learning / Trauma Proofing.

Trying / To write here more often.

Playing / In the garden…it’s such a beautiful season outside.

Loving / My bed at the end of the day.

Reading, me / Soooo many books at once! But Pond and The Gardener and the Carpenter seem to be making it to the top of the stack. And did you ever read the graphic novel Blankets back when it came out? For some reason it popped into my mind and I really want to read it again.

Reading, toddler / Time for The Cozy Book!

Anticipating / Halloween! I’ve got a little Spider-Man on my hands. He claims Miles Morales, not Peter Parker. 🙂

Wearing / A lot of active wear for a lot of being active.

Cooking / Finally saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and now I want to make this clementine cake.

Working / On a couple of new business ideas. I wonder how many businesses I will start in my life…

Traveling / We started the month with a trip up north to stay in a beautiful house in the woods with a few other single parent families. It was amazing. We might make a little trip to Apple Hill this month but after that I’m glad to say we are staying put after so much traveling the past few months. It will be good to cozy up at home and take a break.

Wanting / A copy of this movie. I could watch it a hundred times.


Autumn Ready: links to look at.


Do your soul a favor and read through these affirmations.

This will make you want to slide around on your socks.

One of the parents I trade carpooling with was wearing this shirt the other day. My child is in good hands.

How good would it feel if you stopped everything and did this right now?

I love trying out these different Mudras.

Words of wisdom.

Our preschool is having all the parents read this book.

I’m excited to curl up and alternate between Pond, Where Do We Go From Here and Mama, Bare.




Bring it on.


My horoscope this week: “It isn’t normal to know what we want,” said psychologist Abraham Maslow. “It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement.” He wasn’t referring to the question of what you want for dinner or the new shoes you plan to buy. He was talking about big, long-term yearnings: what you hope to be when you grow up, the qualities you look for in your best allies, the feelings you’d love to feel in abundance every day of your life. Now here’s the good news, Libra: The next ten months should bring you the best chance ever to figure out exactly what you want the most. And it all starts now. – Freewill Astrology

I don’t put much faith in astrology – though I do love reading Freewill Astrology every week. But I have definitely felt that something has been brewing recently. After some hard years, I’ve had a bunch of wins in a row. And I appreciate every moment of them. I scrambled like hell to get here and now that things have smoothed out – I’m not doing a single inch of backsliding. And I’m celebrating the sh*t out of all of it. This winning streak will not last forever but I will enjoy every moment of it.