Bring it on.


My horoscope this week: “It isn’t normal to know what we want,” said psychologist Abraham Maslow. “It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement.” He wasn’t referring to the question of what you want for dinner or the new shoes you plan to buy. He was talking about big, long-term yearnings: what you hope to be when you grow up, the qualities you look for in your best allies, the feelings you’d love to feel in abundance every day of your life. Now here’s the good news, Libra: The next ten months should bring you the best chance ever to figure out exactly what you want the most. And it all starts now. – Freewill Astrology

I don’t put much faith in astrology – though I do love reading Freewill Astrology every week. But I have definitely felt that something has been brewing recently. After some hard years, I’ve had a bunch of wins in a row. And I appreciate every moment of them. I scrambled like hell to get here and now that things have smoothed out – I’m not doing a single inch of backsliding. And I’m celebrating the sh*t out of all of it. This winning streak will not last forever but I will enjoy every moment of it.



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