Weather watching.


Single parents are stuck inside the home at night pretty much every night. Unless you can frequently afford a sitter, or are lucky to have an awesome roommate, after your kid is in bed there is no quick run to the store for a loaf of bread, no pint at the neighborhood bar, no evening run, no smuggling your own snacks into the movie theater. After my child was born it took me a while to adjust to this. I was a night owl before and had plans almost every night of the week. I eventually built up a tolerance to this cabin feverish loneliness and I use this time wisely. Yoga, reading through giant stacks of books, bubble baths, starting businesses, achieving inbox-zero, and some good old fashioned staring at the ceiling and thinking through any kind of life problem backward forward and sideways. But almost always conscious that had I a choice – I definitely would not be inside every night after 6pm.

But when it rains? It’s the best. I’m cozy inside, rain is running down the windows and I feel like I’m actually exactly where I want to be. And rain is in the forecast all weekend. So after my kid and I go for a walk in the rain after dinner tonight, here is what I’m looking forward to:

Lighting my salt lamp.

And this cedar/spruce/rosemary candle.

Putting a kettle on for this tea.

Misting my pillows with some Dream Weaver spray.

And alternating between reading Blankets and watching Luke Cage.

Nowhere else I want to be!


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