Intentions / November version



Eating / Cauliflower fried rice

Drinking / Henrietta Stitch hard cider

Practicing / Long walks

Learning / Re-learning how to use my old light-leaky camera. A friend was using and old Polaroid from the 60s  or 70s the other day and captured the most beautiful and haunting image of our kids together between rows of apple trees. It was so nice to be in that orchard on that golden afternoon in the presence of the most generous and casually ultra-talented friend together watching our kids explore and search for apples with good bites left. Trying to relive it a little via my old camera.

Trying / To ask for help more often. I’m so used to doing it all alone.

Playing / With water-colors. Something my kid and I both enjoy!

Loving / Having friends over for dinner. So nice to add others to our dinner conversations. And so nice to get the sweetest taste of what the good parts of having a partner might feel like – when I clean up from dinner while a friend reads my kid a bedtime book. So nice for all of it not to be on me. When I thank my friends for this moment of breathing room though they pretty much all look at me like I’m insane. May they never know what it’s like to do it all alone. Amen.

Reading, me / The New Health Rules. Fates and Furies. Habibi. Sweetbitter.

Reading, kid / March On. Thing Explainer. Zen Shorts.

Anticipating / Many Black Panther 50th Anniversary events around town.

Wearing / Rain-boots again!

Cooking / Lots of soups! Some recent favorites: vegan split pea, chicken soup with red dates and goji berries and my favorite veggie soup (kale, tomato, potato, carrot, bell pepper, onion – which in my brain I swear I will always hear listed in an ex-boyfriend’s voice).

Working / I met someone recently who only has to work one day per week to pay his bills. Working on some ideas of how that could be possible for me.

Wanting / New running shoes.