Staying in and reading the internet: links to look at.


Top 10 classical pieces to play for your child.

It’s cabbage season! So I’ve been making variations of this recipe (turkey and vegan versions). A great budget meal and freezes really well, too!

We’ve been baking these black bean brownies to cut all those holiday sweets off at the pass!

I loved this interview of a single mom – especially her description of her daily rhythm.

Thought provoking graffiti.

Warm sock season! Love these wool ones for my kid.

Just subscribed to Taproot and it’s awesome. My kid like it, too!

Stop, drop and give me 20!







Wild Saturday Night.


Intentions / December version


Eating / Tempeh cooked with purple cabbage, broccoli, kale from the garden – plus a splash of ume vinegar, a sprinkle of salt and some sriracha. Could eat this everyday.

Drinking / New favorite tea for this cold and flu season – Tulsi + ginger.

Practicing / Making a home that is cozy and safe from the crazy world outside the doors.

Learning / It’s not that everyone else thinks everything is ok. It’s that most people are reluctant to speak up when something is wrong.

Trying / To make preserved lemons. Yum!

Playing / Water protectors!

Loving / This Maine Woods candle I found for an awesome friend. Totally want one for my home, too!

Reading, me / Unashamed. How to Party With an Infant.

Reading, kid / Over and Under the Snow. Grandmother Winter.

Anticipating / A quarterly little day trip tradition with another mom and her kid, a holiday lights train ride, the symphony’s production of The Snowman.

Wearing / …out my bamboo steamer basket.

Cooking / We made a vegan pineapple upside-down cake. And it was delicious. Thinking about which cake to bake next…

Working / On remembering that mom guilt is bullshit.

Wanting / A Berkey water filter. Expanding my cooking business and would love to use filtered water in my recipes.