The Wisdom of Moms

Recently, I was sweetly gifted the new book The Wisdom of Moms by Bridget Hamilton. It’s small book written in partnership with photographers of National Geographic and is full of amazing photos of mama animals and their young along with facts about the mother/child bond and inspirational quotes. When it arrived in the mail, I couldn’t read it right away because my kid immediately latched onto it and paged through the photos over and over and over. I love that he loves it and I love it as a reminder that good mothering (among many other things) really is: grit, tenderness, guidance, compassion and dedication. Single mamas are covering those bases 24/7 so we should give ourselves a pat on the back.

Looking at this book reminded me of some of the other books on my child’s bookshelf that feature just moms and kids. Some of them by design and some of them just coincidentally. Some of our favorites are:

Just Me and My Mom

A day of adventures of a kid and his mom.

Love Is a Family

How one single mom explains what makes a family.

Hi, Cat

A kid’s adventures in the neighborhood and coming home to his mom.

You Are My I Love You

A sweet little board book with a great rhyme about how much a mom loves her kid.

Mommy Hugs

Similar to The Wisdom of Moms, this one shows paintings of animal mamas and babies and how they show their love for each other.

Hope any solo moms out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. But everyday is Mother’s Day when you are a single mom so have a good one today, too!


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