turns to gold

I have a vision for my family. It includes lots of laughter, lots of listening hard and lots of understanding. It includes me showing up every day and not just for my kid – but for me, too – whether it is a day of laughter or a day of tears. The best part is – this dream is reality. I’ve been greedy in the past and wanted our family to include the 200+ people I would have called “friends” up until a few years ago. But I’ve been “lucky” to have been hit hard by life and know without a doubt that my “family” is a dozen people built of pure, solid gold. Thank you universe.


Intentions / January 2018


“It’s been a long year…And all this mess around me’s finally cleared…” Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Eating / Lots of radishes + Miyokos cashew cheese.

Drinking / Ginko tea.

Practicing / The art of letter writing. I’m at level post-card right now.

Learning / To let go. Hoping to move one of these days soon.

Trying / To explain some decisions and reasons to my kid and to ask for his thoughts, too.

Playing / Guitar! Just picked up a hand-me-down one from a neighbor.

Loving / My kid as much as ever. And always, ALWAYS, trying to see other parent’s kids through those same mama lenses.

Reading, me / Riding With The Ghost and about Swedish “death” cleaning. (Not at morbid as they sound!)

Reading, kid / The Wind in the Willows. We can’t stop saying “onionsauce, onionsauce!!” all the time.

Anticipating / It feels colder in our house than outside right now! So I’m daydreaming about a summer of camping.

Baking / Cornbread. Then watching my kid promptly eat the WHOLE thing.

Working / Getting back to writing after a long while away.

Wanting / World peace forever.

What have you been up to???