3 Single Mama Memoirs I Love

indexA couple years ago I wrote here about Dear Mr. You, short essays about various men that passed through the author’s life. The author happens to be a famous actress which kind of makes it that much more juicy. I love her stories of crossing paths with someone from years to just mere moments and how each can leave their own significant impact.





indexI recently came across Safekeeping by Abigail Thomas. This book is similar to Dear Mr. You in the way it is formatted – very short essays about ex-husbands and parenting her children – both alone and with partners. It is kind of ideal reading for a busy, distracted new(ish) single mom like myself because the essays are so short and sweet and poignant. And also because they were published once the author’s children were grown up. So you will get served a lot of really helpful perspective. My favorite essay features a giant inflatable banana, such a bizarre symbol for an epiphany.



single momThe third book I wanted to share, I’m very excited about. I’ve really been loving comic books and graphic novels over the past several years and this one is amazing, powerful, inspirational. I am so glad this author shared her story and in this format no less. Yet another graphic novel that makes me think: hey why don’t I write one?! If only it were easy as that. 😉  The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom comes highly recommended. I love how much this mom loves her kid and how she powers through some very difficult times. I’m reading my child a slightly edited version of the story and we are loving it.