Intentions / April 2018


I’m currently procrastinating on some work and thought writing this might get me going…!?!?!

Eating / Everything in the pantry. Trying to how long I can go with odds and ends that we have on hand.

Drinking / The last of our ZenBunni hot chocolate. Such a cool business and sad to see them stop production. But curious about what fun they come up with next!

Practicing / Guitar! I’m enjoying it so much. I’m currently working on Spanish Romance.

Learning / About the need for statewide resources for public school students and teachers who have experienced trauma.

Trying / To keep the juggling act of single parent life going.

Playing / So many forms of solitaire. And totally lusting after this animal card deck.

Loving / My kid as much as ever. And always, ALWAYS, trying to see other people’s kids through those same mama lenses. (Keeping this here from many months because I think it is so important).

Reading, me / Braiding Sweetgrass.

Reading, kid / Salt in His Shoes and Mr. Peabody’s Apples. I love these two for teaching perseverance and integrity.

Anticipating / All the camping plans I cooked up for us all summer. ❤

Cooking / Spring has sprung and so many veggies are in season again! Baby lettuces, asparagus and sugar snap peas… Looking forward to cherry and strawberry picking soon…

Working / On building a solid service helping people change the way they think about their things/stuff/belongings.

Wanting / A tiny house.